Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year

A new year, new beginnings and I hope and pray that this one is better! I wont' bore you all with the details, but suffice it to say that 2009 proved to be very challenging and I am glad that it's over and I do not want to revisit it!
Sun shining on snow is a picture to treasure and that's what I am enjoying today....from inside as it's COLD out there!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

just a word or 2

Been busy trying to catch up after my hubby was home for 6 weeks! He is now in Siberia! And I am happily waiting for my next 4 llamas to arrive early Sat. morning! This time it will be 2 mamas and 2 babies!
I'll put pics up on my farm site as soon as I take some!

It's definitely spring here in the Mo. Ozarks and beautiful hardly describes it!
And then there is that going to sleep to a gently breeze, looking out the window to see so many stars between the branches of the huge tree outside my window....then to wake up to soft bird sounds and look out to see the bluest sky between the branches full of bright green leaves! Heaven on Earth! I am truly blessed!

In HIS will,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

thought I died, huh?

Well, the move is done, I have llamas and some sheep here on the farm so far, and I LOVE it!
Check out the farm web site at and see some of the happenings so far.
I'll post more when I can, but it's so much fun being here, I forget to do much of anything besides play outdoors!
(happy as a pig in "u know what" in Missouri!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally, huh?

Ok, I know that I have been very lax in posting lately....but, I did finally get a few more pics for you to see.
Here is Paladin, possibly small enough to register mini llama, and surely to produce minis:

And I have a few baby pics to share of Paladin and Dusty (you can see the "llamatude" in Dusty, and see the pride in Pal:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Musical Connections

A fun place for music lovers!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

As promised - pics ;-)

My little llama girl, Dusty, with her pal, Razzle Dazzle (paint female, for sale, I believe:)
Taken in the morning as we sipped our coffee on the back porch (what a life, huh?)and the little girls enjoyed their munchies:)

Spinning Wheel(s)

I now have 2 lovely spinning wheels, having just received my newest one yesterday! I was blessed to buy a used (and well cared for) Kromski Prelude, a traditional type wheel:) And, I got her put together in short time and was spinning some targhee on her in no time at all!
Now, the excitement associated with this is that when I was first trying to learn to spin on a wheel, a friend tried to teach me on an Ashford Trad., single treadle (normal), and I was terrible! So, my first wheel is a nifty little double treadle made by my friends at Heavenly Handspinning, in fact, mine was the first double treadle that they made and they wood burned my name on her and stated that she is the 1st:). And I pretty much decided that I was too "spastic" to use a single treadle and didn't even look for one.....until this one showed know that I could spin on her, my dear friend, Sara, who raises llamas (with whom my llamas live and were bred by)taught me to spin on her Ashford Trad., only she suggested that I put both feet on the treadle and that did it!!!
So, now I have targhee on "Maureen" (new Kromski, named for my hubby's mother), and some very nice corridale on "Jenny" (my first, named after my mother:)
Another new thing I have learned from Sara is how to separate llama guard hairs from the undercoat....and it's not hard, and in fact is one of those things that you can do while kicking back on the couch, watching tv:)....and all the while, you get to touch fiber!!! hhehehhehehh
I to follow soon!!

SCROLL down to see my "girls", Sassy and Dusty......I'll show you all the new "studmuffin" when I take pics of him later this month:)

God Bless,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Toy and more......

Well, it's further after the storm, I've gotten in touch with pretty much everyone for whom I had some concern regarding 'ol Ike. All is well, aside from some still with no power and torn up neighborhoods....but all are safe ;-)

I got myself a drum carder! For those of you who are not fiber freaks/artists ;-), you wouldn't know what that is, and frankly, you wouldn't care, lol
I'm already so impressed with it, though I had the chance to try the same model out at the same time that I went up and met my llamas:) I got a Strauch Petite as advised by some friends and ordered it from Copper Moose. It arrived a day earlier than expected and I am happy!!!
I've started just hand brushing my fleeces after washing them and them placing into nice little piles, and can spin from those, but it's so much easier to have something similar to roving/batts, to spin from and that is my first objective...then on to the FUN stuff....blending fancy batts!

And, my DH was just called in to pick up stuff (laptop, ticket....) to go out of town on a job, so I'll be on my own for awhile.....don't know how long, and dadgummit, I have nothing to get me into trouble....LOL

I'll take some pics and post yarns, etc when I get some done.....I am working on spinning up some targhee to dye just now, so have nothing exciting to show you.

Take Care friends, and I hope that none of you had Ike troubles, since that dangedy storm stayed strong clean across half the country!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

After the storm! We made it!

Howdy ya'll:)
Ike has come and left and we fared quite well, compared to others! We were hit with only the west side, not even the eyewall:) Had some tree damage and small damage to our roof via a tree banging against it, but other than that, lost power for a day and a half and phones went stupid for awhile, but all is better now.....just time to pray for all those who lost so much!!!

God Bless,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

On a much better note;-)

I do have cool stuff for you to see, and some news; 1st, I've decided on the breed of sheep to raise; targhee! Will also have some shetlands:)
2nd, here are some pics of my grown up llama, communing with her pal;
Sassy and Pearl, girlfriends:)